The cat sat motionless all day and excitedly meowed, asking for help


Hope For Paws once received an emergency message about an injured cat, and from them Joanna immediately went to the rescue.

She learned that the poor cat had not moved an inch since he was found, and he was screaming for help with his heartbreaking meow. He desperately needed help and needed proper care immediately.

Seeing the cat in pain, Joanna wrapped it up, picked it up, and put it in a box to take it back to the hospital for examination. And it was at CARES that they discovered that Tater Tot had a urinary tract blockage.

But after the procedure to eliminate this problem and recover, the cat still looked sick.

It was obvious that something was wrong, so it was watched again. And then they found a bullet lodged near his spine after being fired from an air gun.

It is impossible to imagine how people continue to treat such innocent animals so cruelly, and now a serious operation was coming.

Already a week later it was really interesting to see Tater Thot sitting alone! After everything this poor cat has been through, he only deserves a loving home forever.

In the meantime, he is in good hands with his foster family! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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