Employees saw a small puppy in a box with a sad note


One day, a small puppy was found in a box, and there was a note next to it. Employees immediately realized that the dog had an owner and that until recently he lived with his family.

True, now many people cannot take care of their pet, so they transferred it to a shelter.

The note said that they decided on such an act in secret from their father. After all, the father not only did not like dogs, but also laughed at the pet.

There was even a case when he kicked her, and the puppy’s tail was damaged.

It was also written that the shelter staff take good care of the dog. He tied his pet to the box so that the dog would not forget his former owner.

When the employees read this note, they could not hold back their tears. They knew how difficult it is to send a beloved puppy to a shelter. But he simply had no other choice. It was the right decision.

In the shelter, this puppy was immediately found a place, and they immediately wrote about him on the social network. In fact, over 300 people responded and wanted to get a dog.

Due to the large number of responses to his adoption, the shelter staff decided not to give her to anyone.

But now everyone knows that everything will be fine with the dog! They treat him with love and protect him in every possible way.

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