The pensioner built a train for dogs and walks them in it


Eugene was a pensioner who did not retire and began to do something useful and kind.

This man lived on the street in Fort Worth, where there were many stray dogs.

He decided to make a large space for the dogs, where they could keep warm and not catch a cold, eat, etc.

There was a lot of space and he could accommodate everyone. People even prepared food for them.

At first, he fed and helped the dogs for several days, and together with his brother they took the sick dogs to the veterinary clinic, where they were supposed to solve their health problems.

There, the brothers took large containers, which they assembled into one long train.

He taught the dogs to ride the train, and it became a habit for them.

Now that they are in the yard, the dogs understand that it is time to go for a walk and play.

The man shared this story and added that it is very nice to please dogs with little things.

They love to walk around the city. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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