Adorable shots of baby turtles and their 150-year-old mother


African tortoises are known as one of the hardiest creatures. They live for over a century, usually between 50 and 150 years.

There is information that this turtle has lived much longer than their average lifespan.

This 150 year old turtle with her 4 day old babies is an image of indescribable beauty. This wildlife photographer took some amazing shots.

115 days later, 8 tortoises weighing 0.05 pounds and measuring 0.18 were born in Hungary.

They were much smaller than their mother. They were born in the zoo and were one of a kind.

The little turtles sat on their mother’s back to enjoy the rays of the sun. The photographer did not miss the moment and captured these few seconds.

This is one of the largest tortoises in Africa, and these are her children. They look charming. Look how big their mother is and how small her children are! This is a very beautiful view!

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