Kitten found on a farm wins people’s hearts with her desire for a better life


Kitten Merida was only 2 and a half months old when she was found at the farm. She needs help. Gillian, the founder of the house, rushed to her aid.

She took the cat to a local specialist, where she was told that he could not help.

When Gillian was looking for ways to help the cat, she was helped by a unique specialist. So he reached out, gave her advice, and sent tons of supplies to help them.

The kitten, whom she named Brav, was determined to lead her life as a happy cat.

And so he continued to look for ways to improve his life in many different ways. Everyday is a new adventure for him, and Gillian is always there to help him get through the ordeal.

Merida has become the happiest and most confident cat. She constantly thinks about her next steps.

Her personality changed when she was at home.

The cat loves to sit under the sun and play with friends. Julian is very proud of the cat’s small victories.

Julian is so happy the kitten is doing well and so proud of how far he has come.

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