A woman met several times with a stray dog who had a problem with baldness


This sick bald dog has been roaming the streets of Houston for a long time. One day he saw a woman on the street and decided to try his luck.

Noticing him, the woman gave him something to eat and tied a collar around his neck.

He was right about the woman who brought him to her home. In order to find a new home for the dog, he posted an ad on a social network. Lifeguard Cathy Evers noticed right away.

The girl met several times with stray dogs who have a problem with baldness.

But the appearance of Gardenia was even scarier: Cathy says that in fact, dogs living on the street for a long time, first of all, need a good night’s sleep.

Gardenia suffered from constant itching, but was constantly on treatment.

He had no desire to fight and hated life, ate well, but refused to play and interact with people in general. After a while he felt better.

He changed a lot and became more lively and cheerful. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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