A Florida resident finally found her missing elderly dog 331 days ago


Lisa Raulerson spoke about a lifeless day when her dog suddenly disappeared. The dog’s name was Sparky. Lisa said that she accidentally missed the door and immediately ran away.

This incident happened in October last year.

The dog began to search everywhere, but to no avail. The dog was still very young and did not hear well.

The family put up ads everywhere, offering money to anyone who could find their pet.

Mrs. Raulerson no longer hoped to see their dog. who represented Vesti, who looked a lot like their dog.

It was later revealed that the dog was considered stray at the Animal Control Center.

Ms Rowlerson immediately contacted the shelter to inquire about the dog she saw on Facebook and found it to be their dog.

But fortunately, after 331 days they were reunited. Lisa didn’t expect this. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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