After 6 hours, rescuers finally manage to save the life of a little goat that fell into an irrigation pipe


It took two days for these people to save this goat, stuck in a 76-meter pipe. All this was achieved thanks to the volunteers of the Society for the Protection of Animals.

One day, one of the townspeople heard the screams of a goat near the house and called rescuers, who immediately arrived at the scene.

It turned out that the goat was underground and it was difficult to determine its exact location.

And since they did not have the necessary equipment, the rescuers could not work. They returned the next day with a camera that could capture the depths of the earth. Unfortunately it didn’t help anyone.

They decided to dig a hole and in this they were helped by intuition. Soon they were much closer to the animal.

The owner of the animal was involved in the rescue operation, which helped to prevent the movement of the animal’s horn.

It’s been six hours, and the animal was finally rescued. If he had stayed there long, he might have drowned․

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