This dying cat is holding his best friend’s hand during his last visit to the vet


If you are a very emotional person, get ready because this story is about animals.

Once Andrew Bernhard posted on the Internet a photo of his cat, named after his owner. The cat is quite large and they have been very good friends for a long time.

This becomes apparent after Andrey takes the cat by the hand and leads him to the vet.

Andrew was the son of the owner of the cat. He was a small and very good child, he always won in dog fights, he wanted to be around all the time.

But one day he became so weak that he could not continue as before. According to his father, poor Andrew had been ill for a year, and Bernhard found out that he made noise every day; when he left, he realized that now was not the time.

Unfortunately, as we know, the loss of a friend is a very painful thing.

We all understand the pain of losing this pet. Sorry Bernhard. And may the soul of little Andrey rest in peace. Our condolences.

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