A baby fox dozing on a tree stump brings joy to a couple stuck in isolation


Sarah Ryan and her parents have already seen this beautiful scene near their house so many times.

The handsome fox slept peacefully on the trunk, and they had a view from the front row.

This was the highlight of their day as they sat in the backyard of their Canadian home all day.

Sarah said that her father was very happy to see this. They have social distancing and no pets, so she thought they were happy to have something new in their garden.

When the father came out, he said: “The fox looked at me and fell asleep again.

The beautiful creature probably felt safe in her suitcase when he called her home during those few exciting days.

“Our garage is next to a tree, so it only comes out of my parents‘ garden. I think it’s a warm and safe place to sleep. »

The fox felt good there, she always slept there, a person often saw that he went into the forest for a short time, then returned to rest.

„She still sleeps there every time,“ Ryan said.

Since they are mostly nocturnal animals, they mostly slept and hunted in the dark.

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