A flightless pigeon befriends a puppy that can’t walk


True friendship has no boundaries and conditions. Not only people, but also animals and birds are subject to him.

Proof of this is the benevolent relationship between the pigeon Herman and the puppy Lundy, the meeting of which caused mutual sympathy.

According to the People Foundation, the pigeon itself was found several years ago.

The bird, which had lain motionless for three days, was found in a car dealership. Fund founder Sue Rogers was briefed by phone.

The dove was accepted, helped to recover, but the ability to fly could not be restored.

Most likely, this happened due to the virus entering the body or a traumatic brain injury.

Herman lives in the fund, where he is not only fed, but even taken out into the fresh air.

Puppy Landy appeared recently. This 140 gram baby was only four weeks old. In 12 days, he increased his weight to 255 grams.

The founder of the foundation believes that the dog’s problems are related to the spinal cord, which prevents him from moving independently.

Therefore, Herman and Landy were always together. The woman looked after the puppy, and next to him on the bed lay a dove.

Sue decided to sit the dog next to the pigeon, watching them closely.

After all, the behavior of living beings among themselves is unpredictable and interesting.

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