A photographer captures a surprisingly beautiful act of kindness: a wild orangutan reaches out to a man stuck in the mud


A photographer named Anil Prabhakar took a picture of an orangutan reaching out to a man on an island in Indonesia. The man was in danger and was almost up to his chest in river mud.

He decided to share his photo on social media, showing everyone the kindness of the animal so that everyone can see it. The photo got a lot of views.

He wrote that once humanity dies, it is the animals that bring us back to our basics.

They teach us the lesson that in any situation you need to remain human and give a helping hand if someone needs it.

Then it turned out that the man was an employee of the Orangutans‘ Survival Foundation in Indonesia. The photographer was able to capture an unrealistically beautiful act of kindness.

Seeing that the man needed urgent help and there was no one around, he immediately approached and extended his hand to him.

This is indeed a very smart move, how could he be so kind? This is another fact that animals have feelings, even wild animals!

Anil says that the animal seemed to be asking with gestures if he could help the person in any way.

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