A weak pit bull found on the street transforms incredibly


A pit bull named Arugulla was spotted by One Tail At A Time. He was completely frozen, covered with an ordinary blanket and thrown into an alley.

When one of the rescuers approached him, the poor dog could not even look up, because he did not have the strength and energy to do so. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the rescuers took him to the veterinary clinic.

He was so thin that his bones were sticking out, it took him several days to be able to stand. Luckily, after going to the vet, the dog was able to take a few steps on his own. But his journey didn’t end there.

For several months they tried to get the dog to recover and be able to walk to give him energy and warmth.

When he recovered and regained strength, he was discharged from the clinic. Arugulla was looking for a home where he could receive love and warmth, where he could feel safe.

When he finally found a home, his guardians attempted to resuscitate him in an attempt to gain his trust and prove that he was already in good hands.

Her condition is slowly starting to improve, she is already happy and happy in her new family. He loves them, everyone loves him.

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