An American Olympic skier saved 90 dogs from being eaten in Korea


This is Gus Kenworthy and he saved ninety dogs during the Olympics.

The games were held in Sochi, where he found two small dogs and only after a long labor was he able to transport them to his home in America.

One day, he and a friend visited a farm in South Korea and saw a dog raised there for sale.

He was horrified, although he understood that eating dogs was normal in Korean culture and said that he had no right to impose his views on the locals.

However, the treatment of these animals is absolutely inhumane.

He decided to take one of the dogs to his home and as soon as he was vaccinated, he could move to America with him.

Later, with the help of rescuers, they took 90 dogs from the farm to the US and Canada for adoption.

Since such cases are like a dog, every step of help can be and it is very possible that these stories will be circulated among people, like a mother, and will let everyone know about the problem.

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