A unique white deer seems to have come out of a fairy tale


Photographer Mads Nordsvin from Oslo often travels the hiking trails in the north of the country to take stunning photos of the mountains.

During one of these trips, he came across a very rare fawn with completely white fur!

At first he did not believe that he had met a unique white deer.

His snow-white fur coat harmoniously blended into the white background of the picturesque mountains of Norway, which made him almost invisible.

But Mads was stunned when the deer approached and looked him straight in the eye. The cute creature even smiled and posed perfectly for the camera!

Soon the mother of the deer came out from behind the trees and picked up her cubs.

Mads found that, unlike baby reindeer, all other reindeer in the family had brown hair.

However, this reindeer cub was not an albino, as its horns and eyes were colored.

Wildlife researchers say these reindeer have a very rare genetic mutation that only bleaches their fur.

According to an old superstition of the Sami community in Norway, seeing a white deer is considered a sign of good luck. What a magical moment for this lucky photographer!

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