The man noticed a starving dog who was on the verge of death and decided to help him


It is very difficult for stray animals to find food and a safe place to sleep on a daily basis. In India, about 30 million stray dogs are fighting for their lives. This is an incredible number.

But fortunately, there are rescue groups like Animal Aid who are determined to help as many animals as possible.

An animal rescue center received a call about a stray dog ​​that had fallen out into the street. He couldn’t move at all. When they arrived, they were amazed at his condition.

Every bone in his body was visible on his body. A caring man, who was ready to do anything to save his life, saw that the young dog was suffering daily. But, despite the fact that he was very weak and sick, he managed to wag his tail. He wanted to say hello and thank him.

The cute dog, later named Sparkle, was wrapped in a blanket and carefully lifted up. It’s time to take him to the animal shelter. He needed immediate medical attention.

The veterinarian suspected that the dog was suffering from distemper, and he was right. The virus causes diarrhea and loss of appetite. The cute boy lay down on the examination table and patiently allowed his new friends to help him.

With antibiotics on board, Sparkle needed rest and intravenous fluids to prevent secondary infections. He was too weak to stand, but quickly agrees.

After five days, he can eat on his own! He loves to be hugged and stroked.

Her new guardians also begin Twilight’s physical therapy sessions. He needs to develop his strength and coordination. He smiles at every physical therapy session.

Isn’t he adorable?

20 days after being rescued, Twilight is still in shock. But he loves his new friends so much that he takes his first steps alone, smiling to hug his mentor.

Through constant treatment and lots of love, Twilight has improved a lot. We are very glad that Sparkle not only survived, but is truly happy. He will never live on the street again!

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