The man saved the frightened dog and made him believe in love again


This is Cola Cariola and his wife and they are very friendly to animals. They love to spend time rescuing and helping them.

They even have their own YouTube page with animal rescue videos.

They rescued another dog last year. He was surprised to see what happened to the unfortunate dog when he found him.

Only a skeleton remained of him, because he had been hungry for a long time. Unfortunately, heartless people ignored the abandoned dog for so long.

Luckily, Cariola came to his rescue, brought him home and took care of him. However, he was horrified by all the terrible events in his life.

They hugged the dog to make him feel safe and calm.

It worked well and now he has the loving home, the big family he deserves.

It is not clear how people can leave such dogs, but no dog deserves such cruel treatment. And the actions of these people are to be commended.

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