A little girl and a dog recreate the „Beauty and the Beast“ dance


These 1991 characters were inspired by the famous Disney cartoon Beauty and the Beast. They decided to be like their characters.

There are many people who, having become adults, do not even cease to be inspired by Disney cartoons. Even today, beauties and beasts continue to be born.

This 3-year-old Kyle wanted to be like a famous cartoon character and she had someone who could imitate the cartoon monster.

Of course, they could not refuse this and decided to copy the cartoon character and the heroine. Rudy: The dog was supposed to play the monster.

The girl takes Rudy by the paws and enters the stage, where they sing a song from the cartoon. They even imitated costumes from the cartoon.

It was a great performance and they copied famous cartoon characters very well. There were no drawbacks for Rudy, as he seemed to play several times with great pleasure. He accompanied his girlfriend very nicely.

What a resemblance!

Rudy looked like a cartoon character with a beautiful egg – long hair, luxurious blue clothes and a white shirt. But she didn’t seem to be able to sing as well as a little girl.

He was a little nervous because he didn’t know how to play his part and didn’t know what to do on stage.

But the most important thing was their unity and Caylee’s company. Everything was wonderful.

Rudy was smiling and looked very handsome. Everything is very well thought out. Kaylee hugs her partner tightly. He was very lucky to have such a partner who supported him in everything.

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