A pup with wobbly legs had an operation that could either help or kill him


This is Wanda the Cocker Spaniel and he was only 4 months old when his breeder dumped her at Cinque Ports Rescue due to his wobbly legs.

An orthopedic examination revealed that Wanda was born with his front legs turned 180 degrees. He was unable to walk and the veterinarian strongly recommended that to euthanize him to ease the pain.

However, Wanda’s loving nature and his desire to survive got the better of the veterinarian and rescuers, and they decided to come up with new ways to fix her legs.

After a long discussion with the veterinarians, it was decided that Wanda’s flared limbs would be put back in place with a life-threatening operation, and due to the enormous risk, Wanda miraculously survived the operation.

When his bones finally fell into place, rescuers began intensive hydrotherapy and physical therapy to help him walk again.

Although Wanda’s condition improved, he was still unable to walk normally. Veterinarians believe that with time Wanda will be able to walk, but his gait will still be a little wobbly.

As for poor Wanda, he has no idea how he is different from other dogs, and he just wants to be adopted into a good home, like his other friends in the shelter.

Wanda was very strong throughout the painful operation and worked hard every time to make her legs even stronger.

He’s a cute, little cutie who can’t stop wagging her tail! We hope he lives a long and happy life!

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