Big stray dog laughed with joy when he was rescued


A large white dog that wandered the streets of a rural town for more than 4 months was destined to live alone.

But luckily, a Los Angeles animal rescuer named Megan Allen discovered it after she started hanging around at the woman’s house. She drove 2 hours to Buttonville to rescue Miles.

Miles picked up a few treats in his hand, but didn’t let her hold him on a leash. Local rescuers came to the rescue, but Miles didn’t want to get caught.

Megan was unable to save Miles the first time, but she enlisted the help of Animal Rescue. Rescuers soon arrived to help Miles!

Danny, with the help of rookie Courtney, catches Miles while the dog was roaming the fenced area and hanging out with a stray husky.

Miles may have been nervous after being alone for so long, but once Courtney had a leash around his neck, Miles seemed ready to get off the streets. In fact, Miles smiled as Megan drove him back to Los Angeles.

Look at that happy face!

A thousand days of walking the streets is finally over for him! After being examined by a veterinarian, the rescue service finally found a foster family for him! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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