Touching last will of a dying stray dog


It happened on a very cold day in California: a man named Janine saw a homeless man on the street and a dog with him.

They looked so pathetic that Jenin decided to approach them. She spoke with great love to the man.

His name was Clifford James Herbert. It turned out that this man used to work and even had a workshop, but when he was diagnosed with cancer, he was left homeless.

Doctors say he only has a few days left. He no longer thought about himself, but was very worried about his dog.

It was with him that her last wish came true. He asked Jenin to find a new home for him, where he would be loved all his life. He explained that this dog is his best friend.

In the end, she turned to the rescuers for help with the dog, but, fortunately, many responded.

After that, the dog had a loving family. It’s good that his master’s wish came true.

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