In gratitude for the rescue, the dog hugged everyone he met in the shelter


A puppy named Toro was abused, found chained to a fence near an abandoned building, and rescuers believe he has spent his entire life outdoors.

But he is already safe and thanks everyone who saved him. He ended up in a shelter, but at first he was very scared of everyone.

He had spent most of his life alone, abandoned and devoid of kindness, and did not know what to expect from these new people.

It was evident that he was a very sweet and gentle puppy who just wanted to be loved. After he got into the shelter, he tried to adapt with everyone and get out of depression.

Despite struggling with his insecurities, Toro does his best to let his Saviors know how much he loves and appreciates them.

He fought himself to let his rescuers know that he was very grateful. And they loved him very much and protected him. The dog hugged everyone he met.

It all started one day when I was training on the playground of the orphanage. He was having a good time outside when he suddenly turned and ran towards his colleague, Melissa Fogarty, who kept him company.

He crawled on his knees and hurried. on his chest, dissolving in the most beautiful embrace of love. Fogarty was surprised and deeply moved by Thoreau’s gentle and sincere gesture.

After that first hug, the hugs continued. Now Toro hugs constantly and will melt every heart.

He always dreamed of care and love, he was looking for a family that would love him. He was waiting for this man, but no one wanted him.

All he wants is to find a calm and stable home where he can feel loved and protected.

Fogarty said he didn’t think it worked because it was a middle-aged pitmix living in a municipal shelter for heavy drinkers. He got lost in the sea of ​​dogs.

But now that Toro is already garnering attention online, we’re sure his future family will take notice very soon.

Until then, little Toro is very happy and grateful that everyone is taking care of him and he will continue to give those cute hugs.

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