The guy rescued a stranded dolphin and released him back into the bottomless ocean


This Pelican Point kayaking guide was considered a hero after saving the life of this little dolphin. He got stuck in the sand on a beach in Namibia.

They wrote that they encountered a dolphin that was still on the shore. At this time, they were returning from tour.

They said they didn’t know how this dolphin got into the sand on the beach.

He was immediately noticed by the guide and immediately went to help him back to the ocean. He rescued the dolphin and managed to pull it out of the sand.

All this was photographed by people on the beach. They posted it all over the internet.

Dreyer says he could barely help the dolphin get out of the sand and swim again.

In fact, he lost hope that the dolphin could swim, but as soon as he entered the water, he immediately jumped into the water. He added that he would go to the beach again to check if the dolphin had returned.

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