This pit bull waited 1041 days for someone to give him a home one day


This is Nitro, a resident of an animal shelter in Brookhaven, New York. He has been at home for almost 1040 days. A kind person restored it as lost in 2016 and has been stuck in an orphanage ever since.

The vets estimate that he is about 4 years old and is the cutest pit bull you will ever see. Whatever the day, Nitro is always smiling and always happy to see people.

But living in a shelter is not very comfortable for him. Every time he is in his kennel, he cries, wishing someone was with him. But every time he goes out, he always wags his tail and plays with the volunteers.

The most important thing he lacks is a family with whom he needs to share the joy. He has a lot of love that he wants to give to people and he deserves all that love in return.

Although he adores the workers at the shelter, he wants more than anything to lie down in a warm bed and run around the garden.

The orphanage created a Facebook page called „Nitro wants a loving home“ in the hope that someone would fall in love with him enough to want to adopt him.

He weighs about 50 pounds and is vaccinated, spayed, microchipped. The shelter believes that it would be better for him to live in a house without other dogs or cats and, if possible, without children.

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