A devoted dog walks miles alone every day to visit his best friend’s grave


Dogs and other animals can definitely be man’s best friends. They may have a special bond with each other and become inseparable.

This is why some people often take two dogs so that they are never alone, they will always lean on each other.

They may also have special relationships with owners. Sometimes you can even see the owner doing it together with his beloved Fulmeen and owner Leonardo.

They lived together in Italy for over 7 years, they are best friends.

The daughter still remembers their heartbreaking times together. They have always been very nice to each other. Unfortunately, Leonardo was battling a serious illness.

When he was hospitalized and had to stay there for a while, Fulmina was taken care of by Leonardo’s family, but it was obvious that his friend missed him.

When Leo died, his family was very sad along with Fulmeen. The poor dog is still looking for his owner and he really did find him.

After burying him, they went to lay flowers at his grave. They were completely shocked to see that they were not alone there. Fulmin was also there. He went to the grave of Leonard walking 3 km.

Fulmeen had previously searched for his master and eventually found him.

He knew that his master was now resting and would not return home to him. Fulmeen visited Leo’s grave every day. No one knows how he even knew where to go.

Now Fulmeen lives with the owner’s daughter and her little boy.

Leonardo will never be replaced or forgotten, but they will surely become best friends. Sad and amazing to see this picture…

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