A cat with a rare disease is so relieved to be adopted


The funniest cat turns out to be one of the cutest. The story of this cat, which he shared with his best friend, is very touching.

Toby is a cat with an elongated muzzle. It’s not because he’s sad, but because he has a rare feline condition in which his body doesn’t properly produce the right collagen.

The video shows him soaking up every last drop of love his people can leave behind. But we understand that our guy was not always so good.

Once he was hiding in a shelter behind another cat. Then they were found by rescuers and pulled out of the street. It was difficult for them, they were not used to people and were not in the best shape.

Toby’s saggy face and bond with another cat caught the attention of a cat-loving couple who eventually decided to adopt them.

They were finally able to adapt to everyone thanks to their love. Toby’s condition will require a lot of attention, but they love him very much and agree to everything to make him feel good.

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