„Little Puppy“ of the largest dog breed in the world


This is the Euphrates and he is only 9 months old. He already weighs almost 82 kilograms, and his height, if he stands on his hind legs, will be 1.8 meters.

During the day he eats 8 full bowls of food. Owner Jared Houser said no one believed Euphrates was still a little puppy.

Euphrates belongs to the Molossian race, extinct seven thousand years ago.

Scientists suggest that these dogs were used for battles in ancient Mesopotamia.

Since the American Hound is a new breed, it is not clear how big the Euphrates will be. The puppy cost five thousand dollars and was the largest in the litter.

The owner says that if the dog decides to run, he will not be able to keep him on a leash, and he will easily drag him along the road. He can easily crush a grown man. It is simply impossible to move it, it weighs a lot.

He says that when people look at him, they wonder how he manages to hold him and joke that he must be a lion tamer.

Most think of her as an adult dog, and when they are told that she is a nine-month-old puppy, their jaws drop to the floor.

He says they searched the internet and called Guinness World Records, contacted hundreds of breeders to see if the dog was right for this age, and found nothing.

Every week the dog grows. The owner says that changing the size in a short time caused her inconvenience, as she had to adjust to her size every week.

These giants, with a deep sense of loyalty, will protect against any person or beast that threatens the safety of their masters. Only two straights remained from Old Dog – the English and the Neapolitan Mastiff.

By selectively crossing these two breeds, we have obtained a breed that is closest to the ancient breed, which they have called the American Hound, a true relic of the ancient past.

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