The guy found a strange newborn animal and brought it to his home


One day, returning home, the guy saw a small animal. He did not know what to do with him and did not even understand what kind of animal it could be.

But he realized that the little creature was a newborn and could not leave him and return home, so he decided to take the baby with him and bring him home.

He began to take care of him, to feed him, because he could not do it alone.

The boy decided to feed him with a pipette and give him milk.

After a while, the animal grew up and began to look more confident. The guy gradually realized that this was Marten Barguzinskaya.

The little animal was damaged and resisted its wild pain for so long.

He named the animal Lucky because he was really lucky because he had the chance to meet the right person at the right time who saved his life. The boy loves the animal and loves to take care of it.

He provides his pet with everything. Although it is a wild animal, it feels very good in the boy’s apartment.

He spent his whole life there and was already accustomed to this environment.

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