The hungry and skinny dog wanted to die alone, but rescuers spotted him and took him to the shelter


Homeless dog living in Greece knew he was on probation. He was very hungry and weak enough to look for food on his own.

He felt that his time had come, isolated himself from everyone and wanted to die alone.

He found a secluded place in an alley, lay down and waited for his death. But instead, the rescuers arrived, picked him up and carried him to their car. He was very gentle and kind to them.

Life on the street took a toll on his health. For so long no one loved him, fed him or cared for him. The loneliness was enough to make him wish for his own death.

They named the dog Marios and took him to the veterinary clinic. He looked completely depressed. His eyes were infected and he was so emaciated that his kidneys began to fail.

The vet decided it would be best to leave the dog for a while, give him food and medicine to help him get a little stronger.

When his condition stabilized a little, he was transferred to an orphanage. Volunteers continued his treatment. His body didn’t move, but his mind began to slowly recover.

After a few days, he could already raise his head. It may not sound like much of a success to you, but in his case it really was!

Marios could already eat on his own! This was a very good sign. Volunteers also took care of his soul, as the dog needed not only food and water, but also love and kindness.

The dog continued to stay there, but gradually recovered.

Then one day the rescuers came to feed him his first meal of the day and he stepped out of his blanket to the other side of his hiding place.

He was already strong enough to do everything on his own. What a wonderful victory! If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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