The man found the dog shivering outside in the cold weather and wasted no time


In our reality, there are still people who think that dogs are not too cold and that they do not suffer from cold because of their fur.

But this is far from the case, because their wool does not always help in severe frosts, especially in harsh winters.

The owner left the dog in -20 degrees on the way to the post office! The dog was not embarrassed and went to the post office, as it was very cold and he had nowhere to warm himself.

But the poor puppy was kicked out by a woman at the post office, because she did not want to see a homeless animal there.

The poor dog could get frostbite or get sick when he started shaking, but the stranger found him in time.

He sat down next to him so they could warm together. It helped a little, of course, but they continued to freeze. The guardian angel also stayed with the dog until the woman left the post.

We hope that now people, seeing dogs in the yard in the snow, will help them in some way, because they will know that they also cannot stand the cold and freeze like people.

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