The little dog shuddered at every rustle and was afraid of people until he was rescued


Inbred dogs are sometimes thrown out into the street. But not always the breed becomes the key to a good life for them. This story with a dachshund named Jesse is proof of this.

A dog named Jesse was found at the entrance. No one has ever noticed people with a dachshund in the area, so the appearance of this dog surprised everyone.

But many announcements were ignored. Bad thoughts began to creep in that the dog had actually been abandoned. For this reason, the fee was overexposed.

At first, she was very afraid of everything and preferred to sit in the corner of the room and not communicate with anyone at all. It turned out that she had problems with the mammary glands.

The veterinarian suggested that she had these problems due to premature birth. Due to stress, Jessie even refused to eat.

But the attention, patience, care and love of conservatives helped Jesse transform and start living a normal life again. The dog again began to trust people and communicate with them.

She didn’t like loud noises, she just liked to lie on people’s laps and play with them. Most likely, Jesse will quickly find a new family and become a real family favorite!

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