The mother dog lay in the cold snow with six puppies for 3 weeks


Once, during a severe snowstorm in Minnesota, a dog gave birth to puppies in the forest.

The young mother found herself in a very difficult position: she needed to be safe, but she could not let her six children freeze to death.

The dog dug a hole in the snow and hid there with his puppies. He had already run out of milk, but she did not leave her puppies. Salvation came when people noticed the dog.

The people of the state took her to a local shelter called Rosie’s Red Lake.

There they warmed up and began to rehabilitate.

Her name was Snowball, she bears the name of the tragic period in which she found herself.

The dog quickly adapted to the new conditions. She may have gained weight.

Veterinarians found that the puppies were almost three weeks old. They were very small and fragile.

All this time they slept in the cold snow. For 6 weeks, the shelter staff managed to find new homes for 4 puppies.

But mom Snowball and two other babies are still waiting for their new home.

Apparently it won’t be long to wait. Many users are already excited about this story of a selfless mother dog and are ready to adopt her and her puppies into their family.

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