A little girl sings a lullaby to her puppy so that he falls asleep peacefully


The company of dogs and children is unique and the cutest. Children are usually very fond of small dogs, love to play and have fun with them. It’s a beautiful sight to see them together.

There are many happy animals in the world who can enjoy the company of children every time. This story is about one of them.

This is Marley, who is 4 years old, he loves his Fiona very much and treats her with great tenderness. One day, his mother made a video to show how wonderful they were together.

Marley puts the little dog to sleep in her arms. He rocks Fiona back and forth, and then a beautiful melody plays that helps Fiona fall asleep faster.

For a moment, Marley even starts singing to the dog while Fiona is still asleep. This scene is just wonderful.

Marley loves her very much and patiently cradles the baby. Marley asks her mother if she is a good sister to the dog, and the mother replies that she is the best.

Fiona even sleeps while they talk. Marley’s gentle voice soothes him.

For a moment, Marley sneezes, and Fiona immediately opens her eyes and looks at Marley. Looks like the girl will try to put him to sleep again.

Marley starts singing again and Fiona lowers her head and closes her eyes. All this is very beautiful and gentle, they form a truly wonderful duet.

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