Mommy dog comforts her confused newborn puppy


As we know, puppies are very friendly, but we also need them. When they are very small, they need supervision and care.

When this little and cute golden retriever needed a mom, the sweet moment began. The nanny recorded all this on her video. Jimbo cries as his mother heads for the fence where her six cubs sleep.

He goes to lie down in another covered well, hoping that Jimbo will follow him, but Jimbo is lost and frightened only a foot away from him.

As he rolls over and continues to scream, you can see his mother sigh and lie down next to him. When this happens, it will burrow into its fur to keep warm.

Now there is a person who will take care of everything.

This sweet moment was recorded by Jimbo’s future owner as he waited to adopt him. Six weeks later they finally brought him home.

Watch the touching moment in the video below. If you liked it, share it with your friends and family.

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