Two big rabbits love and care for their new little family member


When Jen Eckert gave birth to a daughter named Bailey in June, she never imagined how much her rabbits Alfin and Amelia would love her baby.

They just loved the moment they met their new little sister. They stood next to the child with the big ears and followed him. They were so good that Jen was sure that they would immediately fall in love with the child.

Alfie and Amelia didn’t care about anyone in the room but Bailey. They seemed to consider themselves nannies to their child. The child was in the center of all attention, whether he was sleeping or awake.

Now the kid spends all his time with the bunnies and they adore each other. There is a true friendship between them.

When Alfin and Amelia enter the room, he turns around and starts looking at them or offering them his food.

Rabbits are large and can weigh up to 20 pounds. Alfie and Amelia seem to have taught the child a lot simply by their existence.

They taught love, respect and care. Jen says they soothe the baby by crying or sniffing it while it sleeps.

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