The touching friendship of a baby and a dog fascinated all Internet users


Recently, a video appeared on social networks where a small child does not want to leave his cute dog.

Dora the dog and a small child named Teddy have been together since birth. Dora loves to take care of the child and still does it. They love to cuddle and even sleep hugging each other.

Teddy’s mother has great confidence in the dog and says that she feels safe around Dora. They are considered to be very honest, friendly and caring dogs.

Dora is a perfect example of a dog. Video with them scattered all over the Internet.

Social media users are very happy to see this as Dora cares a lot about Teddy.

His mother is sure that their friendship will last for many years and is very happy that her child has such a loving and caring animal.

They walk together, sleep and eat, play together and it is simply impossible to separate them. They are very connected, and the mother is happy that there is such a strong bond between them.

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