This lion just woke up and seems unhappy with his hairstyle


We all definitely have bad days sometimes, when we look or feel worse than usual. Even the beast of the lion king has such days.

He seems to just wake up, and his hair is so funny, although to us they always seemed so neat to us, as if he combs them every day.

The wildlife photographer was able to wait for the king to wake up and take a picture of him. He, too, was surprised by his appearance and had a lot of fun.

This lion probably had a bad day and woke up on the wrong foot, in any case, as we can see, everything did not go as planned.

After that, he shook himself a little, tousled his hair and straightened it a little. He was still a little sleepy, and no one could imagine that lions could have such a funny haircut.

The photographer says that he could hardly contain his laughter during this, as it was very unexpected and funny when the king woke up with tangled hair. She shook her head several times to straighten her hair.

And finally, an interesting fact. The color of a lion’s coat can tell about its position and character.

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