The airline wished the dog a happy birthday by moving him to business class and treating him to goodies


Lewis lived in Australia, he was already an old dog when he was recently adopted by a woman.

Soon after, she announced that she was moving to Italy and would definitely take the dog with her.

He bought 2 plane tickets, one in business class and the other in the trunk with a special box for the dog.

But when Singapore Airlines employees found out that old Lewis had a birthday and the flight was almost empty at that time, they decided to take the dog with the owner in business class.

So Lewis celebrated his birthday in the spotlight in business class.

During the flight, Lewis was in the center of the crew: they seated him in a chair, treated him to cakes and croissants, gave him new toys.

He had a great time on the plane and arrived safely with his hostess in Italy. Social media users thanked their adult dog for the best birthday present.

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