The dog thanks the little girl for the first gift in his life


The family learned that the dog had been repeatedly raised by abusive owners.

When the dog wanted to be rescued, she was sent to a shelter when she was pregnant. But the family did not lose their hope and waited several weeks before properly adopting the dog.

They were happy that they were able to bring the dog home before Christmas. They promised themselves to give him a better life and introduced the dog to their little girl and other dogs in the house.

But the dog was still traumatized and temperamental, she locked herself in a secluded corner and wanted to be alone for days.

The family tried to win over this heartbroken poor dog with a big gift.

They bought a cozy dog ​​bed, assembled it and called their little one. When a shy dog ​​is presented with a huge Christmas present, the dog becomes curious and straightens his sarza.

The moment the rescue dog unwraps the thoughtful present, it squeals with delight and joy!

It was the first gift in the dog’s life, and she runs to thank them with her comforting kisses. After that memorable day, the dog had no way back.

She has adapted well to her new family and has become one of the most affectionate and caring dogs!

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