This woman cried non-stop when she finally found her dog after a long separation


This touching photo of Saul Saloum hugging Kongo is going viral on social media. This young woman’s dog got lost 100 days ago, and it only took him a few hours to get hurt along with his owner.

On October 8, 2020, when Saul came to his house, she panicked when she couldn’t find her pet. She was told that the dog ran away from the house at high speed. Unfortunately, the dog could not be caught.

She walked the streets of her hometown with pictures of her pet and posted them on social media.

She called everywhere, helped many, and was useless to many, because Congo had coordinates. Saul waited for the dog to quickly appear.

She went to see about fifty dogs, but none of them were hers. She had no more hope and she got up and left.

When she arrived and was already disappointed when the brown dog left the house. Kongo immediately ran up to her and at that moment there were tears, hugs, kisses.

On the way to Abul, the dog fell asleep, although it woke up one after another from fear. It was 100 terrible days for both, but fortunately they ended.

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