A man saves a street dog that was on the verge of death


One day, Bulgaria’s dog rescue service received a call about a stray dog ​​in need of help.

Arriving rescuers found that the little puppy was severely emaciated and was on the verge of death.

They slowly approached him, knowing that the dog was in great pain.

He really needed immediate help. The homeless life affected the dog both mentally and physically.

The poor dog could barely walk on his own, but still tried his best. They had a very long way to go, although she survived the first night.

Gaining strength, they were able to redeem him for the first time.

Gradually, she began to show signs of life. She was playing more and more like a normal dog and that was great news!

They often had to go to the veterinarian, but the dog became stronger and more cheerful.

After she had received all her vaccinations, she was put in a good cast on her broken leg.

You could see from her face that she was beginning to feel much better.

She became more active, her strength and energy returned. His hair is starting to grow…

Plus, he regained his appetite! Meet the new improved Khalesi dog.

Yes, it’s the same dog! What an incredible transformation!

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