A group of violent children beat and shot a dog to death


Animal cruelty is a constant problem for animal lovers.

Despite law enforcement, animals still continue to be mistreated. A dog named Milly wins hearts after her story goes viral.

Millie was only a few months old when she was attacked by a group of children who beat her and then shot her in the head.

She didn’t die right away and they kept shooting at her to kill her. The poor dog shouldn’t have survived, but a miracle happened and she survived!

But, unfortunately, she no longer has a muzzle, and two more bullets are stuck in her head, because removing them is too risky. Her survival was so unlikely that she and the woman who adopted her were asked to appear on a television show.

The veterinarian spoke about his case. He said that they wanted to put him to sleep, but in the end, Millie received immediate medical attention, and she had a chance to live a long happy life. She has no idea how she is different from other dogs.

Millie is very sweet and playful, she always has a good sense of smell. He loves to snuggle up to his friends who have also been abused. Millie has been through so much and her survival is a lesson for all of us.

Millie still loves people. She doesn’t hold a grudge after what she’s been through and understands that there are monsters in this world, but most people are kind-hearted. Millie, you are the best!

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