Stray dog hit by driver while sleeping decides to damage driver’s car with friends


They say don’t touch sleeping dogs, but it looks like a driver has ignored that advice and now has to pay the price.

This driver literally kicked the poor dog out of his parking lot while he was fast asleep. And the dog decided to return with his friends to show what he did to him and how he offended him.

The dogs began to gnaw on the windshield wipers and wings, they caused him a lot of damage and destruction. They wanted to show what it’s like to disturb their friend’s sweet sleep.

If it were not for the alarmed neighbor who noticed them and photographed them, the owner could not even guess that these are the dogs who were taking revenge on him for his act.

Actually, the driver shouldn’t have done that because it made the dog angry because he was sleeping sweetly there, but this bully decided to gather his friends and get revenge on him, because he didn’t want to leave it unanswered!

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