Incredible meeting of a mother koala and her cub with a man at 3 am


Once, when it was 3 am, a man had the most charming meeting in the middle of the street in Jimbumba.

He was so intrigued to see a mother koala on the road with her baby on her back, and she seemed more than happy to see the man.

At first, he was very worried when he saw that the mother koala was frozen on the road, and cars were passing by her. He approached her to see what was happening.

But he was quite surprised when the mother koala bowed her head charmingly and rubbed her nose with her fingers!

The mother and her little child continued to look at the man with their dazzling eyes.

He became worried when he saw the naive mother going deeper into the road. He reached out to his mother again and led her into the woods.

Fortunately, Mom understood the man’s actions and put an end to his curious but dangerous adventure on the road.

The man tenderly bid them farewell and made sure she retired to the desert with her precious child. This is one of the cutest koala stories ever!

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