The blind dog and his best support – the cat win the hearts of everyone with their inspiring story


One can endlessly marvel at the friendship between different animals: all his life this blind dog has been learning to explore the world with the help of his cat friend.

They did not live so hard, they ended up in the same apartment that the owners rented out.

An eight-year-old dog named Spike was unfortunately blind because he had a cataract and his life was in danger.

Of course, the doctors were able to save the dog’s life, but he went blind, he was helped by his friend the cat, who accompanied the dog around the world.

But their life became very difficult when their owners decided to abandon them. So they joined the Canadian Animal Rescue Society.

Everyone was overwhelmed by their company and friendship, and although they endured many hardships while living with their previous owners, they never gave up.

As they became inseparable, the orphanage struggled to find a family willing to adopt the two.

An announcement for them soon appeared on the Internet, and shortly after that, they finally found their new family.

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