The smart dog went to the police to report his loss


It was an ordinary night when the Odessa police department took a rather interesting turn: an unexpected guest entered the front doors.

It was Chico, a smart and friendly dog, he was trying to file a missing person report with the Texas Police Department.

He was not at all lost, but asked about the open positions of K9 in the detachment. He didn’t have much to say, but he was very happy to entertain the duty officers with a few games of fetch in the station concourse while they tried to solve the case.

One of the sergeants who met Chico, Rustin, said the dog wasn’t afraid of what had happened and didn’t even think he was lost.

He says they were very surprised to see him, they tried to play with him in the room and they liked him very much.

Officers were trying to find out how Chico got lost and who was looking for him. There was a collar on the dog, but the tag had been removed and they couldn’t find the owners with it, so they decided to search for them using a microchip.

But before they arrived, everything changed. Chico decided he’d had enough fun for one night and decided to go home alone after all.

He was already much loved, but it was time for him to leave. But they were all relieved that he had found his master, and they were together again.

Chico, meanwhile, managed to make new friends at the police station and told Rasti that they would be very happy to see Chico again because they had come to like him.

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