A British parrot that disappeared 4 years ago has returned speaking Spanish


We all probably know that there are talking parrots in the world, but it is unlikely that we have ever met a bilingual parrot.

But there is such a unique parrot in the world named Nigel. He disappeared 4 years ago and could not be found, but after 4 years his beloved mistress found him.

But it was very strange, because he spoke Spanish, although he initially spoke with a British accent.

This is the happiest bird. When they found him, he sang and spoke uncontrollably. He even barked like a dog.

The woman who found it at first thought it was a recently missing parrot and tried to find its owner, but it wasn’t, so he looked for Darren and found him.

She says she didn’t know where his parrot had gone, but it’s strange that he spoke a different language. But she recognized the parrot.

The parrot spoke Spanish, but this did not prevent him from immediately recognizing him, he knew from the very beginning that it was him.

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