Cupid, an abandoned two-legged puppy, takes his first steps on new prosthetic legs


This is a dog named Cupid, who was found in a trash can in Toronto. He was born without legs and his family, who supported him, did not dare to throw him out, threw him out of the house.

This poor baby was not even accepted into the shelter and was told that he was unacceptable.

In the end, the baby was saved by a girl named Joan Znidarek, who heard an incomprehensible noise from the trash can. She took him to the hospital, where the dog was given artificial limbs.

At first the dog could not walk at all, but he soon began to play with a tennis ball and he began to move.

Joan shared this cute dog story online and was amazed by the news from all over the world.

Cupid was still going to be very difficult, he needed to learn how to walk and recover while swimming, as well as learn coordination.

Now he is learning to walk by all means, and once he achieves his goal, he will be ready for adoption.

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