The postman feeds a homeless ginger puppy all day and then brings him home


A girl tells a story where her father was a postman delivering goods on a rural road in central New Hampshire in the 1960s and 70s.

For several days while he was enjoying the lunch sandwich that her wife sent him every day and eating on the road, during this time he noticed that a small bear cub was looking at him, but then he thought it was a fox.

A few days later he learned that it was a small puppy, although he was red like a wild fox. The next week, he asked his wife to make him two sandwiches for lunch.

She complied despite being scolded for her weight gain. He didn’t tell her why he needed a second sandwich.

After 3 days of feeding the puppy daily, he attempted to coax the puppy out of the culvert with bits of food he had left over from the previous meal.

He knelt down, trying to get more food for him, picked up the puppy, dirty, covered with leaves and debris, and brought it home. Mom looked at the puppy and said that if the puppy stays, she will leave, either the puppy or her.

After 11 years, he was still with their family. Lost her at an advanced age in the late 70s, but they remember him with great fondness. He was a great dog! And happy…

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