A couple transforms an old school bus into a cozy motorhome


This couple that lives in America is Robbie and Priscilla.

They built their unique motorhome out of an old school bus.

You can travel the world with this dog, and now he looks quite luxurious.

They both worked very hard remotely for a long time, so they decided to move into a house where they could take them with them wherever they go.

The couple bought an old school bus in 1998 and began refurbishing it.

First they cleaned the car, then removed the seats, then repaired the floor and windows.

They added an extra window to the ceiling to bring more light into the house.

They also repaired the walls, they even put furniture there.

The couple spent a year and a half converting an old school bus from the 90s into a small house.

They even managed to solve the problem with electricity.

Their house has become a very cozy corner and now it is a full-fledged home for them.

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